We Need a New Narrative on Our Future, and Here’s Why.

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Imagine it. Your child is on their way to school, they feel anxious and overwhelmed at the thought of the next 8 hours in an unpredictable and potentially uncomfortable classroom full of people with different expectations of them. How do they navigate it? What can we say to that child? Would you say, “Look kid, it’s all going to go to shit at some point during the day so just don’t even bother, ok?”

This is how it feels to me when somebody rolls out the ole’ …’it’s all gonna be gone by 2050 so why bother doing [insert x,y,z action here], what’s the point?’

It literally happened last evening. A good friend, and someone whose intelligence and creativity I really respect, said that ^^ word for word. I said, look I’m going to be a bit tough with you now. Don’t you think that having that perspective is a bit of a cop-out? I mean, if that’s what you believe then you can just do whatever you want. You don’t have to take any responsibility for the effect of your choices. Isn’t that a way of letting yourself off the hook?

And she got it.

Then I asked, do you actually follow any news about the positive things that are occurring on the planet right now? She had a think and answered, no.

This is a not a new idea, I’ll admit. I’m certainly not the only one noticing that the nihilistic ‘it’s all fucked’ narrative’ really isn’t helping anyone. I think what’s new about me writing about this here, is that we are parents – we need to understand that if we take that approach then our kids will too. Do you really want your child to turn to you on the cusp of adulthood somewhere down the track and say, what’s the point mum? It’s all gone to shit already anyway. I’m gong to hazard a guess that you’re thinking, no, that’s not ideal.

So we must try. We must create a narrative that allows some effect of our trying, to matter. This is one of the key messages of two or three of my favourite documentaries on this subject. I’ll review them in the coming months on this blog and link them when I do.

Make an effort. Even a small one.

  • Shop from my favourite ethical products as a starting point.
  • Make yourself some wholefood.
  • Do a browser search for some positive stories about people that are saving topsoil by farming regeneratively and capturing carbon in the process.
  • Most of all start telling yourself a different story about the future and the part you play in it. I promise you, it will make a difference to the way you feel, and act.

Get an ESSENTIAL LIST of things you can do, starting today, here.

alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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