WAMA Hemp Underwear | Product Review

WAMA Hemp Underwear | Product Review

The benefits of hemp are many and varied and it was historically used for everything from rope to clothing to homewares and more. Harvesting hemp though used to be extremely labour-intensive so with the invention of the mechanical cotton gin in the late 1700s, making it easier to process cotton, hemp became a less viable crop.

Fortunately, in our time, things have changed and it is now becoming a more popular option once again.

When I got asked to review WAMA Underwear‘s hemp products I jumped at the chance. The fabric is naturally anti-bacterial and breathable which helps fight odours, and seems to make sense as a fabric to wear against the skin so I’d been wanting to try out hemp underwear for a while.

According to Hemptraders.com, “Hemp fibre is one of the strongest and most durable of natural textile fibres. Hemp is also naturally resistant to mould and ultraviolet light. Due to the porous nature of the fibre, hemp is more water-absorbent and will dye and retain its colour better than any fabric including cotton.

About WAMA

The folks at WAMA Underwear have spent a long time on their design process perfecting their fabric as well as the shapes and sizes of their products. They are constantly refining both function and design with the goal of creating “the best hemp undies in the world”.

When they did their research on the key properties of hemp fabric they soon realised that being anti-bacterial, soft and breathable made it a great option for clothing, particularly underwear. WAMA also hopes to raise the profile of hemp as a fabric to be used more widely in clothing production worldwide.

Why is Hemp better for the planet?

Some of the ways that hemp crops are beneficial include that they:

  • draw carbon down from the atmosphere into the soil at a rapid rate making them an excellent tool to combat climate change;
  • use less water and generate less water pollution;
  • enrich rather than deplete topsoil (again a crucial issue in relation to climate change); and
  • are high yield crops, requiring less land to produce more material.

The Products

I road-tested the:

  • High Waisted Underwear
  • Boyleg Underwear, and
  • Triangle Bralet

When I first received them they looked a little loose compared to the stretchy and tighter styles that I am used to seeing but once I put them on they fit just perfectly, true to the size guide. I particularly loved the feel of the bra which sits well on the body without pinching.

Pictured here are the high waisted underwear that felt really comfortable, and I love that they are breathable too.

I wore the boy-legs out as short-shorts for walking the dog, and they were also super comfortable and quite a flattering shape.

Learn more about the brand at WAMA Underwear.

Although no money has changed hands I was given products to road test for in exchange for my honest review.

alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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