The Freedom of Just Being :: Especially for New Mums

The Freedom of Just Being  :: Especially for New Mums

This (above) is what we’ve been doing ’round at our place this past seven weeks… watching the baby! That’s about all we do. Sometimes we’ll squeeze in some time to eat, shower and sleep but mainly we are just watching her. She’s so beautiful, we say. She’s so divine, we say.

And she is.

That’s the thing you see, she just IS. Nothing to do, nobody to be, no agenda whatsoever – she s wonderfully and totally free. She poos when she wants. She cries when she wants. She doesn’t even have to move. Total freedom.

I’ve thought over the past several weeks of all the many pieces of information I could share with other mums. And I will, over time, pass on the many wonderfully helpful tidbits I’ve come across. However right now the only thing i want to share with you is to remember to be free. Enjoy each moment with your little being. Be as free as you can – free to love, and stare at the baby, free to sleep when you’re tired and eat when you’re hungry. Keep as true to yourself as possible and share the joy around.

This time is precious. May our little beings constantly teach us what’s important – with love, freedom and joy.


Alena Turley is an Australian mentor for mothers. Founder of the pioneering blog, the Soul Mama Hub, her wellbeing membership offers a powerful pathway for mothers ready to go from over-extended, stuck in the daily grind, to empowered, inspired and energised so they can become the CHANGEMAKERS they dream of being.

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