This is a piece of writing honed over some time and given to our extended family and friends as a thank you following our nuptuals last week.

My wish is that it remind us all that we exist as individuals in community, and are all in this together.

We are, at our essence, made of joy and love. We are kind, supportive, respectful and compassionate. We are strong apart as we are together. We tell the truth and trust each other. We take responsibility, we say sorry if we need to, and we forgive. We are open and we listen to each other. We accept each other uniquely as we are, emotions and all. We share, give and receive willingly.

We are many, and we are one. We are family.

(Copyright Alena Turley)

Happy New Year cheeky souls.


Alena Turley is an Australian mentor and presenter. Founder of pioneering blog, the Soul Mama Hub, her new membership offers a way for mothers to become intentional custodians of their bodies, their families, and the planet with the support of a world class community.

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