The Summer Owls of Bath

The Summer Owls of Bath

At the fancy and famous Royal Crescent this week, 30 giant painted owls alighted on the lawns to signify the launch of a fun summer activity, a sculpture trail through the World Heritage listed City of Bath.

Between 25th June and 10th September 80 sculptures will be placed around tourist spots, shops and restaurants to engage and provide a great fun activity for Bath’s smaller residents and visitors. Some will also be spotted in nearby villages and towns (Bradford-on-Avon, Newton St Loe, Corsham and Street).

The project was inspired by the Roman Goddess of Wisdom, Minerva, to whom the Roman Baths Temple was dedicated in the 1st century AD, and whose symbol was the all-seeing owl of wisdom.

Sponsors include prestigious local Norland College, trainers of Nannies to the rich and famous all over the world.

Artists with work on display as part of the trail include Wildlife TV presenter Chris Packham, Bristol street artist Cheba and BP Portrait Award artist Richard Twose. Even the guy that does the Horrible Histories gets a look in (aka Martin Brown).

Owl trail maps will be available for a donation of £2 from outlets across the city, including the Visitor Information Centre, Waterstones and Bath Aqua Glass.

In addition, the trail will be accompanied by a free App, which can be downloaded from QR codes on each owls’ plinth from Monday 25th June. Anyone armed with the app will then receive information about owls as they approach (from interactive beacons in each Owl) plus a fun question to answer for the chance to win a luxury break in Bath at the end of the event.

Each owl will also have Tap & Donate QR/NFC codes on the owl plinths so that people can make donations to the Owls of Bath charities via their mobile phones.

The Owls of Bath trail is perfect for those in search of a free family day out during the summer holidays. The trail is accompanied by a free education pack available to download from the website, crammed full of owl-inspired activities from crafts to environmental projects.

For more information about the trail, sponsors and artists, or to download the free app, map and education pack, visit the Minerva’s Owls website at or follow @OwlsofBath on Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks to the organisers for inviting me and my little assistant (who wreaked wonderful havoc in the background of a filmed interview).



alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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  1. Can’t wait to see them for myself! I love following sculpture trails! And there are so many good ones happening all over the UK this year. Exciting!

    • admin

      I know it’s such a cool thing that the UK does so well. Nice to hear from you Tilly.

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