The Real Pantries of Orange County // Achievable Tips for Reducing Plastic and Adding Value

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Meanwhile, in Sydney, here I am KonMari-ing the crap out of my life. Literally.

Have you seen the specials? Read the book? Seen the bazillion blogs about decluttering lately? It’s compelling stuff. Not least of all because it aligns with so many of our ethical values involving buying less stuff, and looking after the stuff we already own… so we can buy less stuff. I’ve started, but for realsies, this is going to take me years to really do properly. Every time I zen one corner of my home, the little elves (my children) seem to come in and fill it up with stuff again.

In the kitchen, it’s my domain in many ways because I’m the one that loves to cool. It’s a little easier for me to do things my way there. That’s why I love a good pantry re-organise, I do.

In the media, there has been some mention here and there of Khloe Kardashian’s pantry. It apparently looks like the one on the left. Mine is on the right, you know WITHOUT styling.



The one on the right you may notice is NOT-so-perfect. Yes, you will observe a lovely ceramic water filter (wedding present), and some great jars which I have managed to fill from bulk bins at the local food Co-op. Winning on those. However, the rest as you can see is less than ideal. Why? Well, number one – I’m not a purist. And number two, this is me doing my best with what we have. Without buying the beautiful stackable square jars with wooden lids that I really really would like to have.

The part of me that was trained by Milkwood Permaculture to do my own vege growing and create zero waste dies a little (man, their courses are awesome), but the part of me that lives in real life in Sydney, is quietly chuffed.

I have managed to reduce plastic waste and get better value for money by:

  1. buying as many things in jars as I can and re-using things that are plastic. Example: the squeezy honey plastic packaging I now top up with local honey from glass jars.
  2. buying things in boxes wherever possible – like buying powdered clothes washing detergent in a box then just adding water and shaking it in the same old plastic washing detergent bottle each time.
  3. going to the supermarket less and going to the Co-op more.
  4. buying things in bulk
  5. making my own household cleaning products

Share your tips in the comments below. What have you managed to do with what you have to increase the value and lower the waste in your home?

Alena // The Soul Mamma is a writer, educator, ethical digital creator and mum of three little darlings based at Freshwater Beach, in Sydney. You can join her and bumble through this parenting malarkey together with other lovely souls in the Soul Mamma Crew

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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