The School of Life/5000 Days Project

The School of Life/5000 Days Project

Raising Resilience and EQ in Young Kids

Read on for more information on the method, and how to book. As a Soul Mamma reader, you get an exclusive 5% discount.

Every now and again something comes along and strikes me as so inspirational I cannot help but act upon it. The 5000 Days Project is one such social enterprise. I first heard about it on social media and was thrilled to discover that its Founder Dr Rick Stevenson was visiting Sydney and open for auditions for their Ambassador Program.

A couple of weeks later I took my six-year-old daughter in for a preliminary video interview and low and behold she was accepted as an Ambassador, one of 400 kids across 12 countries. I fell in love with Dr Rick’s vision for kids, and I really think his approach is refreshing and heart-led.

My daughter was invited to participate which means that each year until she is eighteen years old she will meet with Dr Rick who will ask her some questions and record her reflections as she answers. The aim is to allow her to develop a way of owning her own story, building her emotional intelligence and resilience in the process.

What is the School of Life/5000 Days Project?

I have come to learn that the 5000Days Project is a global organization dedicated to helping young people develop their emotional intelligence. I’m excited to be asked to let people know about this ground-breaking work. The Project is coming to Sydney and opening its doors to the public outside of the usual school and organisational settings for a trial period. For a short time only they are testing out an offer to video a ‘time capsule’ of your children and have offered Soul Mamma readers an online exclusive 5% discount.

The Offer

Video journaling sessions are now being offered outside of the usual locations in Schools and kid-related organisations. The first location will be a studio in North Randwick, off Clovelly Road, Sydney. Depending on take-up, new sites will be rolled out.

To book follow the Calendly link to book in. A deposit of 50% of the session price is required to hold your spot (with the remainder paid on the day of the session). 


Since 2001, The 5000 Days Project has been helping kids to understand what they’re feeling and why they’re feeling it… and in the process, increasing their Emotional IQ.

We’re in 12 other countries and work with schools and kids’ organisations. Due to demand from Parents, we are now in locations for kids to come to us directly to undertake their annual recordings. 

What Parents are saying…

Having our daughter’s life chronicled for the School of Life series was a dream come true. It is amazing to see how our sweet little girl grew up right before our eyes, and time truly flies when you are living it. We are forever grateful for the experience. 

It was an invaluable learning experience…The boys gained a sense of responsibility for themselves, their family, and the future. They realized the impact of choice as they looked forward to questions about their life status. In many ways, the project experience helped them foresee where they fit into the big picture—and realize that it is possible to change direction, steer their own ship, and alter outcomes for the better.

How it works

  • Starting as early as age 6, students get the opportunity to record themselves once a year every year responding to a series of questions posed via a computer-automated interview. Their answers are then safely stored.
  • At aged 18, your child (or newly qualified adult!) receives a high definition video file containing all of their recordings – a priceless time capsule of a child’s life. 
  • We know you are vitally concerned with your child’s safety and privacy. We are too. All Video Journal files are 100% confidential, securely recorded and safely stored.
  • The session last around 45 minutes and more detail on how it works, this animation explains

Let your kids start to make the movie of their lives for just $149 per annual visit


Enter soul5 at checkout for your exclusive 5% discount. 

More information on our Project running in 12 countries visit 

Or email


alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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