Stress Less, Smile More | Join the Hub

Stress Less, Smile More | Join the Hub

Hey lovely lady, how are you?

I’m so happy you stopped by!

Taking action like this shows me you have an intention to make deep changes in your life.

A few days last week I woke up at stupid o’clock (5am) to learn new ways I can best serve the thousands of women who have been reading my blog, participating in this online community and following me over the past 13 years.

Since then, I just cannot stop thinking about it. 

I am 100% committed to finding the simplest and fastest way to help women go from:

  • overwhelmed, isolated and disconnected,
  • unsure of our next steps post kids, unclear on our deeper purpose,
  • living out of alignment with the things we really believe in as parents, and as women.


  • grounded and centred in ourselves,
  • connected to those close to us,
  • living in true alignment with our values,
  • clear on our place in the world and how best to serve our higher purpose,
  • spending our money ethically, and our time deliberately
  • and parenting consciously and lovingly. 

Because I’ve walked that path myself and it’s been an incredible thing to experience

The vision is to bring women together who have a deeper calling and are ready to support each other through this beautiful process. We have something to live, and something to give, that is not yet flowing or has not yet been possible. It will change our daily life and in turn, transform our children’s lives. We literally build a different future, one choice at a time, one conscious step after another. 

Three to six months from now I see it blooming into an incredibly vibrant space in which we help each other integrate life-changing ideas – a space for providing accessible, practical information on creating a sustainable, ethical lifestyle; and allows us to parent with heart and soul.

People will talk about how we went from just going through the motions to brilliantly lit up, from solo, disconnected mums to well-supported by our peers.

By aligning our actions with our values I see the life of countless women changing. I envision it allowing women to make bold and self-actualised choices, to live in less toxic homes, feed themselves and their families better food, be better equipped to hold space for their children’s emotions without reacting negatively, have more tools in the toolbox for the multitude of situations that derail us. 

Life can be simpler. 

We can be both amazing mothers as well as whole and fulfilled people – WITHOUT the constant overwhelm.

You’re one of a small, selected group to receive this limited time offer.
It ends tomorrow night – Friday 7th May 2021 – at midnight.

There are two huge benefits in it for you. 

1: The Founding Membership price is discounted and locked in. You will never pay more. Nobody else gets this opportunity and the price goes up after our initial launch period. 

2: You get to shape the Hub to serve you in the best possible way by providing feedback that informs the way it is made. You get to help refine the content based on what you need most. 

How do you get it? Message me now.
Places are almost gone.

If you happen to find your way here after the date this launch closed, please put your name on our waitlist to be the first to get notified when doors re-open.

alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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