Sean Willmore

Some people have an experience that changes their lives indefinitely: Sean Willmore is one such man. 

Sean is an Australian park ranger who went to a talk one day and couldn’t shake the effect it had on him. He is a humanitarian who could not just walk away. 

On learning the plight of rangers working internationally, and the experience of the families left behind in the wake of attacks against them by poachers, Sean was so moved that he completely oriented his life towards helping them. He is now completely dedicated to making a difference for them and the animals they protect. 

Photo credit: Sean Willmore with Jane Goodall

When Jane Goodall, highly respected researcher and animal conservationist, met Sean she asked him to use her name to promote his cause. He has also worked with his friend, Wally de Backer, well known for his success on the world stage with his song ‘Somebody that I used to know’ to promote interest in the charity and garner support worldwide for the Foundation and its work in supporting injured rangers, helping widows of rangers killed in action and also providing equipment and training to the rangers so they are able to respond to violence when they are threatened by poachers. 

Also on his list of supporters are the British royals Prince Charles and Prince William, as well as Hillary Clinton. So contagious is his passion and commitment that after meeting him these powerful individuals and many others continue to work with him in strengthening the impact of his organisation, the Thin Green Line Foundation.

Sean’s philosophy is that the humans who watch over these highly sought after animals deserve to be properly supported and well rewarded for the important and dangerous work they do safeguarding animals for future generations. 

From one moment of empathy, to making a huge impact on the lives of so many, Sean is an inspiration in his audacity, in his big picture dreaming and in his ongoing determination to help others. 

The ABC and Australian Story have told Sean’s story, you can watch it online here. You can also get involved or donate to the Thin Green Line. 


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