Remembering Who We Are

It’s a spring evening in Sydney, I’m on couch-feet-up time for the next six weeks in preparation for the birth of my second child. It’s already (on day one) given me some time to contemplate.

As mothers and fathers and carers, it’s pretty easy to render ourselves busy and time poor. Part of this process seems to entail a stripping back of our identities, especially socially.

Today, very simply, I’m calling out to anyone who’s using what they do to define who they are. Sometimes it’s refreshing to remember that we can be different things.

You may find yourself at work punching out a quick email, you may be at home hanging out the washing, or dropping kids at school, and yet we can still be compassionate, inspired or loving in any of these tasks.

Let’s all take a minute to remember who we are today, regardless of what we are doing. In resting still in the conscious choice of how we are being, we transform what we do and the way that we do it.

This is quiet choice. This is remembering who we are.


Alena Turley is an Australian mentor for mothers. Founder of the pioneering blog, the Soul Mama Hub, her wellbeing membership offers a powerful pathway for mothers ready to go from over-extended, stuck in the daily grind, to empowered, inspired and energised so they can become the CHANGEMAKERS they dream of being.

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