Regenerating Australia : A Reflection

Regenerating Australia : A Reflection

Finding a deep green marker stain on our new (inherited) oak dining table this afternoon almost derailed me completely.

I know it’s superficial, but the table has personal significance.

See, it belonged to my Aunt, and we got it just recently after she passed away.

It symbolises a quality that she embodied in her life; she was known for her lush dinner parties, and world travels. She really lived.

The table itself is made from offcuts from the construction of Australia’s ‘new’ parliament house.

As we approach an election, the outcome of which will have major consequences for our global environment (because Australia has a terrible track record), I feel it is appropriate that the symbol of democracy in our home is tarnished and marked.

Long story short, here are the take-aways:

  • Being honest about how we feel is powerful. Honest communication and deep listening are often overlooked yet pivotal parts of systems that work – whether it is politics at the highest level; cultural understanding; or with our families, at home, on the weekend.
  • Material things are not really important, in that you can’t take them with you, but the meaning we give them is.
  • Listening and observing are two pillars of slowing down, connecting and feeling deeply which we are being called to do a lot more of.
    Why am I telling you all this?

Last night I went to see Damon Gameau’s short film, Regenerating Australia. It is a 17-minute-long film portraying an imaginary news segment outlining the changes we could have made if we looked back, ten years from now, and had taken up positive actions towards regenerating our culture, environment and political systems.

He talked before the screening about how he came up with the premise of the film and how a lot of his information came from real life, present-day interviews. He listened to what people from all walks of life, all over Australia would like to see more of.

Do you know what almost all of them said?

Community. That’s what most people are yearning for.

I was moved so deeply that Episode 40 of the podcast is a reflection on the evening and how we can use Damon’s concepts of Regeneration to improve our lives. Listen to it here.

To sweeten the deal, and make it easier for you to take simple actions starting today, I’ve put together an essential list of things that will make a difference in this area – straight from Damon himself. I’m the only one with permission to share this as far as I know.

Get your copy here.

Now, go get regenerating with that big gorgeous heart of yours♡

Yours truly​​​​,
x Alena Turley

Here’s me and Damon last night chatting about his mission with this latest film. 

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alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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