Rebelliously Curious and Transforming Trauma, Meet Yemi Penn

Rebelliously Curious and Transforming Trauma, Meet Yemi Penn

Randomly scrolling through LinkedIn I came across a live video chat between a few Australian women in business. Honestly, I don’t even remember the topic, but this one particular woman and her empathy and realness shone brightly.

On a whim, I reached out and invited her to be on the podcast.

Many months later we got there and recorded it.

We’d never met.

Here was the result – Episode 56 of the Unboxable Podcast.


Yemi Penn is an Engineer by profession, Entrepreneur by passion having run 3 successful businesses in the past. She is now researching the alchemy of transmuting pain to power, delivering keynotes and workshops like these to offer a different perspective on being.

in this episode we explore…

  • Yemi’s ever-evolving identity
  • The link between our human experience and our ability to care for the earth
  • Healing mothers to heal the earth
  • Intergenerational inheritance 
  • The power of acknowledging trauma and culture
  • Responding with empathy
  • Acknowledging the contrast and shadow side of human experience
  • She calls me a ‘great host asking soul enriching questions’ [blushing here]
  • Her book Did You Get the Memo Because I F**king Didn’t
  • The surprising link between genetics and money

And so much more. This is definitely too brief a chat with this unique thinker, researcher, coach and presenter. 

Please enjoy this chat with my new bestie, Yemi Penn. 

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alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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