Jarin Street :: An Ethical Business Partnering with Indigenous Artists

Jarin Street :: An Ethical Business Partnering with Indigenous Artists
Jarin Street is a Supply Nation Registered, Aboriginal-owned business based in Sydney that collaborates with Indigenous artists to get their designs seen and used in daily life.

Their range of eco-conscious tree rubber yoga mats, as well as pouches and other items, are ethical, practical and aesthetic. The artworks featured on the products are so beautiful and made infinitely more so by the fact that they are properly attributed to their original creators. 

The Founder

Jarin herself is an inspiring woman. Descended from changemakers herself and a proud Wiradjuri woman, she left her position in the police force to build her dream business – elevating indigenous artists by giving credit where credit is due, promoting their work and paying them equitably.

She features in a recently published book called Cult Status, by Tim Duggan, for the work she is doing – it’s about building and understanding businesses of tomorrow.  

The Business

The idea for the business arose out of the realisation that the misuse of Aboriginal art is rife, and the industry has no clear protections in place for artists and their designs. With a goal to ensure ethical and sustainable support is available to contributing artists, Jarin Street is an organisation to throw our love behind.

Jarin Street yoga mat designs are 100% authentic Aboriginal art featured on the highest quality eco yoga mats.

Ethical lifestyle choices involve culture, not just supply chains and carbon footprints. 

Remember if you are purchasing Aboriginal art or souvenirs to always ask if the business producing those items is Aboriginal-owned and if the artists are being compensated fairly. If not, then move along.

alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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