The “Healthy Me Healthy We” workshop is designed to support balance and grounding for mums who want to bring sustainable, plant-based health into their homes and lives.

So often we go to workshops and then without any way to integrate what we learn into our daily routines the insights are lost. This one aims to be different and offers you products and skills you can take home with you and use immediately. I have personally experienced highly beneficial results using these techniques.


With a basic introduction to using essential oils, you’ll then learn some practical recipes and techniques to incorporate them into your daily routines.

You will leave with a greater understanding of how to use plant-based medicinal oils to help you feel balanced and grounded.

You will also take away some personalised “rollers” which we will make during the workshop to enable easy application and help support you as and when needed in the days and weeks to follow.

You get:

  • Introductory knowledge on using essential oils for health and wellbeing
  • Learn some simple techniques to use / mix / apply them
  • Some ‘roller’ bottles created on the day for you personally

The products used in the workshop are ethically, and where possible locally sourced.


This workshop can be run at a Northern Beaches location, or in your own home if you would like to arrange a small group of friends to attend.


This workshop has been offered to you at 50% off the usual price and costs only $25 per person, all materials included.


To book or if you have any questions please send an email to

Looking forward to meeting you and sharing these simple ideas.