Healthy Simple Lunch Bowl

This super simple and tasty lunch bowl takes about 15 minutes to prepare. I have added my homemade sauerkraut for it’s benefits to the gut microbiome. I’ll be adding and linking the recipe for that shortly so you can make your own at home also.
Boil eggs (carefully place in rapidly boiling water for 5 minutes then remove and run under cold water so they are just soft enough, and easy to peel).
Finely slice half a large onion. Sauté (fancy word for fry in a pan with a thick bottom) on a slow-medium heat in extra virgin olive oil stirring now and then.
In the meantime, finely chop up cucumber, yellow capsicum (pepper), and any fresh herbs you have on hand. Finely chop celery, and grate half a carrot. Cut some olives into halves or pieces.
Throw a handful of fresh leaves in a generous bowl (baby spinach is my fave), include celery leaves as well for their high nutritional qualities. Celery is also a great stress-buster.
Add all other ingredients and dress with black pepper, half a lemon squeezed, walnut oil (or extra virgin olive is great too if that’s what you have on hand). Top with an egg sliced in half, and voila!

  • If you like you can double quantities of everything and have one ready for tomorrow in the fridge.
  • Boil several eggs at once and keep some in the fridge for a hit of healthy protein when needed.
  • Add balsamic to the onions as they fry for extra sweetness/flavour if desired.
  • Garnish nuts and seeds (toasted in tamari if you like it salty).