Feel Good Fashion for Kids

Feel Good Fashion for Kids

If you’re anything like me, you’ll relate to this. It’s that special feeling you get on finding a perfect item of designer clothing at a second-hand shop for a majorly discounted price. There’s nothing like it, it’s so satisfying, isn’t it?!

My most recent bonus buy moment was the discovery of a gorgeous pure wool Ralph Lauren light suit jacket in a gorgeous caramel and beige texture. Not only do I love it because the price was wallet-friendly, but also because I am giving the planet a high five. By keeping my money out of the fast fashion industry and simultaneously withdrawing support for unfair and even dangerous work practices in places where clothing is manufactured, a lot of people benefit.


Isn’t it good to know that you can avoid aiding and abetting modern slavery so easily?

If the latest roundups of fashion labels and their ethical practices are anything to go by, this is a pertinent and important consideration.


The new “..economics for the 21st Century” is summarised in Doughnut Economics, by English academic, Kate Raworth,  a self-proclaimed ‘renegade economist’ based at Oxford University. “Ours is the era of the planetary household”,  she writes. Put simply (on the site Four Minute Books), Doughnut Economics is a wake-up call to transform our capitalist worldview, and our obsession with growth, into a more balanced, sustainable perspective that allows both humans and our planet to thrive. For this concept to work, we must curb our spending on items that benefit the few and demands an unsustainable price from the people who make it, and from the environment, in raw materials. We must re-prioritise our spending and do it with a consciousness of how and where wealth is distributed. 

By sharing our clothes and hand-me-downs at reduced prices we are participating in ‘collaborative consumption’. We are using goods that belonged to someone else and are likely to then pass them on again. This reduces the load on the planet to produce new stuff but also reduces waste by extending the life of a piece of clothing rather than discarding it.  

Locally to where this blog is based, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, we have a quiet gem which allows us to get these ‘good feels’ when we buy designer clothing for our babies and kids. It’s called the Secret Closet and we have written about it before here. There you will find pre-loved brand name clothing at a fraction of the price leaving both us, the planet and our wallets happy.
It’s a win/win/win.
The Secret Closet is at a new location from mid-July
Level 1 / 170 Alfred Steet NARRAWEENA NSW2099

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alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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