Ethical Goods and Services Guide

Here is a list of services that I use as they are more ethical than others in their field. This is based on the ethos of the companies providing them.

I mean, you aren’t silly, so I imagine you will also do your own research (feel free to message me with your recommendations).

You would likely also realise that some of these services may send a few dollars my way if you use them.

If you’re looking at a major supermarket, use your own discretion and buy sensibly from the brands that you know are taking care with their choices.

Please only purchase things you need and that you have considered what will become of them when you are done with them.

Think circular!

Think about the endings!


Soul Mama Membership :: Coaching and community support to go from depleted and over-extended to empowered, inspired and energised so you can show up as the best mum – and human – possible ♡
Doterra Ethically sourced natural essential oils for cleaning, personal care and scentual enjoyment.
Mia & Mae Co. thoughtfully curated gift & subscription boxes to promote wellness & inspire moments of self care.


Blue Borage :: Helping families discover the joy of composting so they can bring principles of biodynamic agriculture into their home garden.
Booktopia Online Bookstore
Get $10 off via this link to Who Gives A Crap, 100% recycled toilet paper, tissues


Barefoot Shoes Australia is an online retail store for natural footwear. We sell shoes that allow your feet and body to function properly


Digital Pacific :: Ethical Web Services, Domain Hosting, 24/7 phone support
Unbleached post consumer recyled printer paper, envelopes etc from EcoCern

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alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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