Ecococonut | Embracing the Plastic-Free Cleaning Alternative Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth

Ecococonut | Embracing the Plastic-Free Cleaning Alternative Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth

Here’s a common first-world problem: how do you save the world with your buying choices without breaking the bank? If you apply an ethical stance with your purchasing choices but you aren’t “rolling in it” then, like us, you’ll need to seek out products that tick all the boxes. Sometimes it means going that extra mile to find affordable and ethical things to buy. Especially, those things you buy all the time.

Cleaning products have been one of those bugbears for me. I want to purchase affordable things that are made with an ethical supply chain, and without having to go far to find them. I’m a busy mum of three who is barely working so it’s not possible for me to always make it to the “right store” or spend the kids’ lunch money on fancy cleaning stuff.

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Ecococonut competes with the price point of conventional cleaning brands but it made in Sri Lanka, and is entirely plastic free. Their dishwashing products are made with coconut fibres and even the wood glue is a water-soluble and non-toxic material. Not only that, they are made by a manufacturer who channels money into local communities to ensure their supply of clean water.

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A group of mates originally based in Byron Bay created the brand out of a desire to build a business based on a consciousness of how we can change the world for the better. Two who had contacts in Sri Lanka and are good with sales, one had a business and marketing background, one connected people and ideas. Together they founded EcoCoconut.

The other great thing about these products is that they are using the by-products from the now increased production of coconut milk and coconut water which is multiplying annually worldwide. Being entirely natural, they are also protecting us from bringing harmful chemicals into our homes and our waterways.

Any sponge pack that states is anti-bacterial or destroys odours is probably best left on the supermarket shelf as it’s likely to contain triclosan or something equally damaging to the environment. Aside from increasing evidence linking triclosan to health problems, it is also believed to destroy fragile aquatic ecosystems…either directly or indirectly.

As sewerage and waste-water treatment plants cannot remove triclosan and the compound remains stable for long periods of time; it’s posing an increasing problem in our waterways – it’s now one of the most common man-made chemicals found in U.S. streams.


I’ve started using these at home and they are excellent. They really work and they don’t get stinky like some other products I’ve used in the kitchen sink which is an absolute bonus because coconut is naturally anti-bacterial. They are non-scratch so good for my fancy pots and pans. Add to that the fact that as they are bio-degradable you really can put them in your compost, feed a pot plant by leaving one at the bottom of the pot covered in soil, or just throw it in a hole in your garden somewhere (imagine a happy housewife flinging sponges into the garden with gay abandon!) and I’m pretty much hooked.

Click here to purchase from my favourite local supplier.

You can find other stockists, inquire about wholesale or buy directly from the company via the website: or search #plasticfreerevolution.

Alena Turley/ The Soul Mamma is a writer, educator, ethical digital creator and mum of three little darlings based at Freshwater Beach, in Sydney. Come join the party and bumble through this parenting malarkey together with other lovely souls by following Soul Mamma on Instagram

alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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