Diary of a New Business Owner (and Mother of Three)

Diary of a New Business Owner (and Mother of Three)

I don’t know if you’ve read the book THE BIG LEAP, by Gay Hendricks. Total game changer.

In the book, Hendricks explores the way that we are predisposed to sabotage ourselves often just when things are starting to up-level in our lives, right when a massive opportunity presents itself. The classic example is the story of the person that wins the lottery and within a year is poorer and more alone than they were before they won. Or the couple who have it all, and just when their business takes off and becomes even more successful, they divorce.

It’s a great read.

Once you read about the ‘upper limit problem’ as Hendricks calls it, you start to see yourself doing and then you can actually being to identify what’s beneath your anxious, worried, fear-based thoughts and move past them.

A clip I watched yesterday was from my martial arts community – it showed a man talking about mastering his thoughts. He said he actually teaches his students to identify when their minds are ‘tripping’, as in the fear-based thinking is taking over and twisting their perspective. They just call it OUT LOUD, like ‘I’m just tripping’, and that helps them to identify when not to get to distracted by what their mind is doing.

I love this. It is a similar idea to what Hendricks suggests – that our thinking, our mind, can sometimes lead us astray, and even derail us.

So today, I’m sitting at my desk, and I signed up for a very powerful tool (Kajabi) for my business. It’s one of those tech tools that business owners often rave about like it’s a first responder saving them from a fire.

I started a tutorial showing how to use the email system. I started to realise the immense power of it, my mind began to race along as I imagined all the incredible ways I could use it in my business. I started to feel excited and then SWITCH, just like that, I got this overwhelming urge to go back to bed and binge-watch streaming television.

BAM, just like that.

It was so contrasting and obviously my upper limit problem rearing its pretty little head. I had to laugh.

So basically, READ THE BOOK and find where you are ‘upper limiting’ yourself. You might be surprised how quickly you’re able to identify when you are literally taking yourself out just when things are getting exciting.

alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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