Connecting Deeply with Special Guest, Kasia Bourke

Connecting Deeply with Special Guest, Kasia Bourke

In Episode 10 of the Unboxable, Unstoppable Podcast Alena talks to the delightful Kasia Bourke, Soul Ascension Guide and founder of Earth School.

Kasia brings a wealth of experience and energy to her roles which include:

  • Starseed
  • Medium
  • past lives channeler
  • life purpose finder
  • Soul contract breaker

Kasia is here to activate gifts and help people remember their Soul’s Unique purpose. She sees energy and uses it to do her work here in this lifetime 

Her podcast, Soul led, Spirit driven has been going for a whole year now and is a perfect vehicle for her to share her gifts, whilst also carrying out life path readings and life path sessions which are powerful and transformative.

Kasia helps her clients have major breakthroughs in business and live life BIG. Through past life healing we heal present life trauma and remove blocks that hold us back. When we feel stuck or ‘lost’ she reminds them who they came to be and what they are here to do because…

“We’re never lost…we just forgot!”

To learn more about Kasia and her work use the following links.



Online home:

alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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