Why We Need a Circular Economy

Why We Need a Circular Economy

Hello People of Earth,

It’s Friday and for almost an entire year we had a huge (1.75metre-long) mid-century modern credenza (or sideboard) sitting unused in our garage. My teenaged son also lives in there, as does our car, so space is at a premium.

I’m not sure why it took me a year but anyway… today I gave it away.

A lovely furniture restorer, aptly named ‘Greenie, came with his van and collected it. He and his partner will give it some love and send it to a new home.

This, my friends, is a perfect example of the circular economy.

You can read a great article explaining it in more depth here. However, put simply:

 A circular economy is an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources. 


Bonus – it did not go to landfill. Another bonus, it fulfils another person’s need for furniture which prevents the purchase of a new thing, which would require resources, embodied energy, material, possibly unethical labour practices to be made, packaged, transported and sold.

Another bonus, it is made from wood so when it ceases to be useful and moves on to its next iteration, it will not leave plastic, or packaging, or other things that are not conducive to a cleaner planet behind.

Get the idea?

Let me know in the comments: what can you do to get more ‘circular in your economy’ today.

Have a beautiful day on earth,

x Alena

alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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  1. In a circular economy, economic activity builds and rebuilds overall system health. The concept recognises the importance of the economy needing to work effectively at all scales – for large and small businesses, for organisations and individuals, globally and locally.

    • admin

      Yes completely agree. Thanks for pointing that out.

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