Fertility, the Ayurvedic Way

Fertility, the Ayurvedic Way

by guest contributor Nadine Richardson, prenatal yoga teacher, birthing educator and celebrant from She Births, Sydney, Australia

An interesting and confronting question I hear these days is…

Why are there so many issues with fertility for our generation?

I like to think of health in a wholistic way – there are always a complex number of factors that can be considered; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In my last workshop I presented information on the connection between our endocrine and nervous systems, the mind and body, vedic philosophy as well the two latest studies on fertility being done in the US.

What was significant in the two studies was that stress is impacting our hormones greatly. And that a woman who has fertility issues measures the same amount of cortisol in her body as someone who has just been told they are HIV positive.

Studies have found that lifestyle, dietary changes, a regular yoga and meditation/visualisation practice as well as (the highly significant) support groups increased fertility by 30%.

From a vedic perspective we must remember two things in regards to conceiving:

1. the soul chooses the parents – I believe that this is true whether via natural conception, IVF, surrogacy or adoption

2. whatever you are longing for in your heart (ie. a baby) is the seed desire of your soul and one that you must stay true to because it is the doorway to your fulfillment and growth as well as your surrender to the divine

I believe that babies are asking parents of our generation to prepare consciously for conception – not just for pregnancy, labour, birth and then possibly parenthood. They are asking parents to lay the best strong and healthy foundation earlier so that we can handle all the stresses that come with this journey in our modern world. A strong foundation in our bodies, our minds, our hearts and our relationships.

From years of working with women through all these different phases of their lives I can say that at some point there has to come a massive shift. And the babies are asking for it now….not later, when marriages are strained or you are so exhausted you don’t know how to care for your individual body, or when you are so lonely becuase you haven’t formed deep bonds with fellow women.

In our workshops I give the opportunity for women to create their own support group/sharing circle as well take home two precious gifts to support them in their journey and practice.

I hope you can help spread the word in the hope that another woman moves closer to manifesting the longing in her heart.

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