Beating Mould Naturally

Beating Mould Naturally

This week Sydney has had the most rain it has had in 30 years. Many people I’ve spoken to have shared how their belongings are going mouldy – everywhere – on the hangers inside wardrobes, in drawers, cushions on the couch, even inside sealed tubs.

We don’t have hot water washing set up (because cold uses less energy) so we have to be a bit creative, but I’m unwilling to resort to bleach on account of – as I understand it – the negative effects it has on the natural health of our home, and us.

With the mould now affecting our sleep quality, I’m keen to manage it effectively.

We are likely going to use steam vacuums in the cleanup, but in the meantime…here are the two basic ways we are managing the mould (apart from running fans almost all day long in every room).

  1. Spray alcohol on the mould affected area then wipe away the spores and wash the cloth in hot water.
  2. Follow with a spray of diluted clove and lemon eucalyptus oil to help prevent it and make it smell better.

I’ve been using Isocol as I had some on hand, but I’m thinking any alcohol, if pure enough, would do a similar job.

If you need help getting your hands on essential oils, head here.

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? Photo credit: Bernard Spragg

alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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