Alicia Dumais Temmerman on Multipassionate Authenticity and Her Unusual Calling

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Episode 72, of the Unboxable Podcast is a candid interview with Alicia Dumais Temmerman, a Lawyer, Speaker, Author, Relationship Coach, Energy Healer and Channeler from Melbourne, Australia.

In this energy-filled episode you’ll hear us share on topics like: 

+ women supporting women

+ Alicia’s remarkable story of self-discovery

+ Incorporating spirituality into day-to-day life


Alicia is the founder of the Global Soul Centre, The Marriage Hub and Dumais Workplace Services. She is also the Author of PURE ENERGY, The Busy Woman’s Energy Guide to THRIVE.

Her ultimate life purpose and soul mission is to help people to thrive and reconnect with their soul and remember who they really are – magnificent eternal light beings. Alicia is a mother of four. Alicia coalesces her work in the legal/HR space of workplace mediation as well as her Spiritual Wellness Business where she channels Ascended Masters to help provide comfort to as many humans as she can. She runs spiritual retreats, conducts energy healings (with the assistance of her healing guide), does spiritual mentoring, and runs spiritual circles.

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Alena: I have with me today the [00:02:00] delightful Alicia. Now, which surname are you using, Alicia? Well, I’ve

Alicia: kind of grabbed them both right now, so I am DUMAIS Timmerman.

Alena: Beautiful. I’m glad I got you to say it. We were just talking about names offline. That’s awesome. How are you?

Alicia: I’m really good. Really good.

Alena: Yeah.

That’s good. I’m so thrilled to have you here today, Alicia, because I recently presented to your gorgeous group on the book of face, and it was lovely to be invited in there and it was very nice. To see what you are doing and it kind of got me intrigued, so I’d love it if you could tell me where you are in the world and if you have a name for the roles that you are playing right now, I’d love to hear those as well, what you do, and tell me a bit about you.

Alicia: Oh, thank you so much. I’m so excited to be here. I was just looking forward to this conversation all morning, [00:03:00] and it’s great that we’ve connected through that group because one of the most beautiful things, and the bonus about that Facebook group that you presented in, which is a Facebook group that I created just at the start of Covid, because I was thinking, what can I do?

What can I do? To help women to stay strong at this time, and I was, I’ll never forget, I remember the moment that I was walking between my bedroom and my kitchen and it’s like, boom. And it just dropped into me. Start an online Facebook group and ask women to come and to share session. Body, mind and spirit.

And I literally, within the minute, I did a vi, a quick voice recording, and I just started sending it to some practitioners that I knew because I thought, if I don’t act on this, it’s, it’ll just, I’ll, I’ll doubt myself. All the things will come. Right. Uh, and that’s, that’s how that group started. [00:04:00] And one of the best things has been.

Meeting amazing, amazing humans and listening to everyone’s wisdom. So it’s been beautiful to, to connect with you and so many people, um, through that group. So yes, so that group is how we found each other, and it’s called Thrive. I, I might get the words wrong, but Thrive Free women’s online wellness classes, uh, or something close to that.

And so, yeah, I just, it’s kept going since Covid because it’s just created this beautiful community where people have an opportunity to, to share and also then promote their business. Cuz I’m all for. Women helping women to Yep. Thrive in all areas of their lives. So that’s, yeah, that’s one kind of offshoot, um, that I do.

And then I, my main background as a, a worker human has actually been in the employment law [00:05:00] space. I dunno if you know that. Yeah, so I’ve been an employment lawyer for 20 years. Amazing. And I’ve spent like 10 years in one of the big firms, like locked up in the Rialto Towers. So in answer to your first question, I live in Melbourne.

Yes. And I, yes, worked as a lawyer and I still do, but I’ve niched it down over time as. Listen to my heart. Listen to my heart, and dropped off the pieces that haven’t worked. So now I just do workplace conflict resolution, which is basically. Helping people with relationships in workplaces. So when they’re getting glitchy with each other, which often happens, uh, I can have a chat to one person, have a chat together, and then bring them together.

Too as best as we can, navigate how they’re going to recreate their new relationship.

Alena: What a wonderful job.


Alicia: Yeah, it’s pretty cool. It’s pretty, it’s pretty amazing the stuff that happens because I kind of sit back and the magic just takes place cuz humans just, you know, you kind of create the space and then they just start to, yeah, weave magic between them.

It’s, it’s, it’s amazing. So I also, that’s [00:07:00] beautiful. Yeah. I’ve also started doing that with couples and also in other scenarios, really just where mediation is required. Family breakdowns. All, all sorts, sorts of things that people are trying to negotiate, uh, as well. So that’s kind of one hat. And then my big, big passion, passion life mission is I’ve founded something called the Global Soul Center, and this is.

Around helping people to connect back with who they truly are. Mm-hmm. And I believe that it’s not this body. Yeah. And that we are eternal, magnificent spiritual beings of pure divine love here. Having a temporary human experience on earth school here, learning, growing, connecting. So that’s really my kind of big, big, big, big.

Fun, fun, fun, um, work. So I do vision, having an [00:08:00] actual physical space. I’ve just got one little, got one, one space that I run women’s circles and do healings and things like that. But I, I’ve seen a vision of a space which has a lot of different practitioners and we all work. Oh, that’s exciting. I know. To create this high frequency energy

Alena: space.

Oh my gosh. Can I come and guess something there? Yes,

Alicia: please. I just felt that, I just was like, did

Alena: you? Ooh, that would be so exciting. I’m getting all the chills.

Alicia: Oh, it’s so exciting. I had a massage back in 2009. Yeah, this was before I discovered I was a spirit channeler in 2012 when I was hanging out the washing, which we’ll probably go there.

It’s quite a crazy story.

Alena: It sounds like a great story.

Alicia: Yeah, it’s pretty out there. So yeah, 2009. Knackered. Two little kids and I went and had a massage. Yeah. And I just had this whole vision crack open of this soul center, this beautiful room, all these practitioner rooms, like this organic cafe, a library.

Oh my gosh. It sounds like [00:09:00] heaven to me. Oh,

it’s so amazing. And just because. So many people are so lonely. Yes, Elena. And so many people are, I know. Are so disconnected and I know, so lost and overwhelmed and the whole modern life that we’ve bought into thinking that this is, we’re doing the right thing and following the path and the scripts and the systems and the, all of that.

Yeah. Uh, and so just to have a space where people can remember, and just feel the rhythm of their soul. Like, like how people feel when they’re in nature. When you’re in nature, we get, we start to feel that rhythm again, right? But to be able to create like a center where we can have that same feeling.

Alena: Yeah. Amazing. So you’re just a little bit of a visionary. Just a little, just a little bit of a, you get some visions and then you start creating them. Yeah. And do you know what? That’s what I do.

Alicia: What? Do you know what? When you say that, it’s so interesting [00:10:00] because with that Thrive Facebook group, yeah. I was like months into that and it was just, Taking off, like just all these people.

And I was like, wow, look at this. There’s no competition. It’s all community. It’s everyone just offering and sharing and joining their friends in, you know? It was just so beautiful. And then I had a few people message me saying, oh, leash, congratulations. Well done. You’ve created the Global Soul Center. And I’m thinking, I’m thinking, what are they talking about?

No, that’s

Alena: brilliant. You have the virtual.

Alicia: It was the virtual one that I had no concept that that was that. I love

Alena: that when we so bizarre accidentally create. It’s beautiful. Yeah. There’s so many themes in what you’re saying that have already come up today. So I do a weekly live in my book of Face group and I do it every Tuesday, 10, and I just talk.

You know, I just share something that’s going on that I think might be of value, [00:11:00] and today’s theme was about being in tune and about how we can. Actually deliberately, intentionally stay in tune and gather momentum towards our biggest dreams, which is kind of what you’re talking about. Then had a conversation with a member of my family and she was talking about how she works with quite large corporations in her business, and she said there’s been a massive shift where it used to be.

She said she used to have to. Aggressive. She used to have to really push when things went wrong to get them working in the right way. Mm-hmm. She said now she doesn’t have to be aggressive or push that people are more willing to work with her to collaborate. And I said, I feel like that’s a global shift that’s happening.

Yes. On a lot of levels right now. And I’m a born collaborator, so I’ve been like that way from the beginning. Mm-hmm. And I think I was a little ahead of my time because, you know, for about 45 years, That was like pushing shit uphill. It’s not the way people [00:12:00] worked. And I was just always, I refused to compete.

I left careers because I was expected to compete. Mm. And I refused. And I was like, well, I just have to do something else cuz I’m not gonna do that. I’m a collaborator. I work with people. That’s how I am. Yes. And I’ve always been really strong with that. And it hasn’t always served me in this life, you know?

Yeah. But now, It’s much more acceptable. In fact, it’s almost encouraged or respected if you work that way. And so I’m now moving in circles that are all like that, you know? Mm. Yes. And so it’s really amazing to sort of finally be going, oh wow, okay. So now I can fully live out that part of my existence because I’ve gathered communities like you.

I’ve gathered people around that go, yep, let’s boost each other up. Let’s work together. Let’s, you know, expand.

Alicia: Oh, it is the most exciting time to be walking the earth. Right. For all of the reasons. Yeah. That you [00:13:00] have just shared there has been a massive shift in the frequency, the resonance, yeah. Of this earth.

Mm. And those old. Ways those Push, push, push. Yes. Strive, strive, strive. Goal, goal, goal oriented. All this very masculine, right? Correct. And now the feminine is rising. A hundred percent can feel it. Oh, you really can feel it. And it’s, it’s, it’s really exciting for the communities that are gonna be created, the new schools that are going to be created, the new healthcare systems and processes like this is all starting because we’ve reached a point as humans where we now, it’s become so obvious that we’ve lost our.

It’s become so obvious that the focus on profits, the focus on capitalism, the ways that organizations have been structured have been flogging people, treating [00:14:00] them as, as operators, as fee generators. All of this, it is no longer sustainable and. There’s this collaboration and for us to keep ourselves as a species on this planet, we have to make changes.

No agree. Hundred percent. We have to come back. We have to collaborate with Mother Earth, and this is a lot of the messages that have been coming from this. From the energies that I connect with Yeah. Is very much around this being a time for communing back for us. Circling back and, and what you were talking about in organizations that shift Yes.

Uh, that is being noticed. 10 years ago, 20 years ago, when I started my career as an employment lawyer, never would I have been able to talk about kindness in the workplace. Yes. And now I’ve just rolled out all these trainings on cultivating a culture of kindness. Oh, [00:15:00] fantastic. In the

Alena: workplace. Like Simon Sinek’s work is like along those lines with compassion.

Compassion, just the most powerful work right now. I see being done is along those lines. Brene Brown Vulnerability. Oh yes. Simon Sinek. Compassion. Yes. Alicia Kindness.

Alicia: Jeff Ween. Jeff Weiner, I think as well from LinkedIn, like he’s a big advocate because there’s been this new that it’s soft leadership and it’s, it’s not soft.

Compassionate leadership is actually. Calling

Alena: out. Do you know what we, I’ll tell you a story that happened on the weekend and tell me, I’m a martial artist. I’m training for my book. Oh.

Alicia: Oh my God.

Alena: I’m so excited about this. Yeah, it’s amazing. And I instruct women, and so we walk the line in martial arts, we are learning life-threatening techniques.

We are learning to hurt people. That is the nature of a contact. Martial art, and that’s what we do, right? Mm-hmm. So when we train together, Obviously it’s not what we actually do in the world. Let me just disclaimer that I do not compete. I do not actually train to fight, but [00:16:00] part of our training involves fighting.

Yes. Because that’s how we utilize the skills we have and make sure they’re effective, make sure we can use them. Right. So we do have to do some sparring and we do do contact sparring, light contact. We don’t tend to do full contact unless we are suit. Yeah, because we like to train safely. We actually want to train in a way that we can go hard and do it properly, but come back the next day and train together again.

Mm. So we walk that line all the time. Mm. Where we have to do things properly, but we have to do them in a way that is also safe. So that we have people to train with. Like if you just keep killing the people that you train with, you’re not gonna have any training buddies anymore. You know, so, so we walk that line and one of the masters, we call them masters because they’ve been training for a really long time.

They’re, you know, fourth degree, fifth degree, sixth degree. I think a master is, Fifth or sixth degree, which means they’ve done five or six black belt gradings. They’re really, really hard, like five or six [00:17:00] hours long. You can only do them every few years. You gotta train really hard. So they, they really are masters.

So they, one of the masters has this fantastic approach. And his gym is actually the best gym at sparring. They are the best fighters, right? But his gym is also the safest in terms of emotional safety, in terms of being a woman and training with people who are bigger than you, physically, stronger than you, often, not always, but often, and.

When he talks in our training sessions with all of the senior belts, the black belts in our association, Australia wide, he often talks about safety. And he often talks about, you know, you gotta, you gotta stay loose, you gotta stay light, you gotta watch the face of the person that you’re training with.

You gotta listen to them. You gotta ask consent and always go with permission and always make sure you’re in control so you’re not. Kick them really hard in the face. Mm. You’re gonna do a full power kick and then [00:18:00] stop. You know, so it’s like how do you have that kind of control that allows everyone to feel safe?

Mm. And what he did on Sunday, which I thought was brilliant, is we did a sparring session. And what can happen when people are sparring naturally is you can get really serious and intentional and aggressive because it is an aggressive thing. So he was like, when we fight today, I just want you to relax.

Like just be playful, have a good time, you know? Yeah. Still do everything really well. But stay loose, keep smiling. Do it in a way that everyone feels all right and feels safe to continue. He was walking around the room and there was one group that were getting really a bit into it. And you could see the faces were tensing up, the muscles were tensing up, and they were starting to go quite aggressively, intentionally, you know?

Mm-hmm. And, uh, and that’s all part of it. You gotta be aggressive and intentional. It’s what we’re doing. But he could feel a shift in the energy in that part of the room. So he just walked through and he went, what’s going on around here? [00:19:00] Can you feel that? It’s a little tense. Yeah. Come on guys, just take it down a notch.

Yeah, and it was great. And so everyone trained in a really safe way and with some sensitivity. So even when you are training literally knockout techniques, you can still bring in kindness, compassion, vulnerability, which I just think is an incredible kind of knife set. Really like amazing. And I love being in the room training like that because we’re.

Dulling our power. We’re not changing our techniques so that it’s not effective. We’re just doing it with ultimate control and still caring for the people we’re training with. And I was like, that is powerful. You

Alicia: know, oh, there’s so much in what you just shared that is like the perfect metaphor. Not metaphor, but the perfect guidelines for life.

Mm. Because what you said was, you know, you still do a good job. Yeah. You still, you hear like this when we’re an earth school and it’s not a [00:20:00] meaningless. Trivial experience here, but equally, it’s not to be taken so seriously. So that’s so many of the messages that come through me. Yeah, it’s like everyone just calm the F down.

Yeah. You gotta be able to laugh for yourself first. Have more fun. Relax, like the, they talk about, you know, ride gently in the saddle of life. Mm-hmm. That’s nice. You know, just don’t, not like this. The rains and holding everything and your legs are holding so close to the Yeah. To the horse. You know, like so many people are living like this.

It’s like just, you know, just let

Alena: go. It’s that allowing, like the allowing and the unfolding and the speech as opposed to the making and manifesting and like I, yes. I sometimes feel like manifestation has now just tipped into Yes. Kind of this weird manipulation sort of, I don’t know. It’s strange. I used to think it was a great idea and I’ve.

Many times in my life. Right. Where you’ve called in certain energies and created certain [00:21:00] things. Yes. Conducive things in your life. And I, I believe in that, but something’s tipped

Alicia: with that word. Yes. We get too control about. Yeah. So it’s like, okay, you know, I’m gonna manifest and create, but it better be like this.

So it has to like, it’s the

Alena: like more ah, ah, type thing of manifesting. Yeah. It’s, I’m gonna play God,

Alicia: you know, but actually it’s like, you know, like, let it be. Yeah. Oh, it is through me today. You know who, that whole thing of where, where should I go? How, yes. Who should I. Um, help today, connect me with whomever, you know?

Yes. But just stepping more and more into the unknown and to the surrender and not, you know, being like attached that it’s gotta be this way. Absolutely. And it’s gotta be that way. And also going back to the master, what you spoke about. Yes. This psychological safety piece, emotional. Safety. So the research shows us that the highest performing teams in organizations are the teams that have psychological safety,

Alena: of course.

[00:22:00] And that’s the same in your family. So I work a lot with mothers, you know? Mm-hmm. And we. Often I think we feel so beholden to so many pressures. Yeah. And they’re not always made up. I mean, they are real pressures. Like when I go to, and I talk about this often, cuz it’s such an analogy for me, when I go to the school pickup and I’m in the playground, it can feel.

Kind of competitive. It can feel kind of like everyone’s looking at each other like, what are you wearing today? And you know, like there can be that vibe like you are back in the schoolyard, like you are back addressing the, the schoolyard bully that you had. You know, it can bring up a lot of stuff for us.

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. To be on display every day, no matter how we feel with a bunch of people we don’t know. You know, my kids go to a big school, so there’s like a hundred people standing. That I don’t know. Mm-hmm. And that can be quite exposing. Right. And I feel like when we, I’ve just lost track of my thought process completely.

Cause I thought about school pickups, [00:23:00] which I find quite hard. Oh yes. Emotional safety. Oh yes. So what I’ve noticed is that if I am feeling those pressures mm-hmm. I am. It’s tough on my kids. Mm-hmm. I have greater expectations of them. Mm-hmm. So it’s like, oh, I don’t want them, and I’m speaking figuratively.

I don’t so much do this personally anymore. Right. But yeah, I know that it is there. It is a real thing that you’re in public with your child. You’re at supermarket and your kid has a tantrum. Yeah. You feel shame. Mm-hmm. You feel like it reflects on you as a parent. Mm-hmm. Now, over time, I’ve learned. I will lie down with my child in the supermarket aisle.

I don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks. Mm mm I will be there with them while they’re having that really hard moment, and it’s less, I’m less beholden to those pressures now that I know that. Yes, they’re not that important. People really probably aren’t really caring or thinking about you, but they feel very real.

When you are in them. Yeah. And they can be so difficult and they can [00:24:00] actually create quite unsafe environments. Like if you are feeling really beholden to the pressures of what a house needs to look like. Mm-hmm. What you need to look like. Yeah. What your child needs to look like. Yeah. You can be really tough on your kids.

You can have explosive episodes of, my house is really messy and I can’t keep it clean. It can become an emotionally unsafe. Mm.

Alicia: Yeah. And they feel it, right? Because they, it, everything is vibration first. Everything is, and we feel it frequency first. So, you know, our kids, they, they definitely feel all that.

And when you’re talking about that, it reminds me of, I went and saw Shali, um, Dr. Shali in Melbourne recently, the conscious parenting expert. And she was saying that so often parents, Want their children to actually be a slave to their ego. Right. It’s like actually you just want your child to make you look good.

Can I

Alena: say though, I don’t blame [00:25:00] parents for feeling like that and I know I don’t agree with that. Yeah. But I also think we have to be really careful not to be blamey towards the parents who are experiencing that. Cause it comes from what you talked about. This wider cultural context from the past that has pushed a whole heap of expectations.

Yeah. On women, on mothers and women that are completely unrealistic now. Yes, we have a responsibility to change that, but we aren’t always in a position to. If we’re underneath it, you know what I mean? Yeah, yeah. Oh yes. That’s compassion. Like,

Alicia: wow. Oh, and that’s where it is. Like that’s where it lives. Like once we are compassionate with ourselves and then we extend that to others.

Yes. It’s like we’ve one, have you read the book? Three Women? No. It sounds like, oh my God, you would love it. Okay. Such a good book, and there’s a line in this book that says, never judge a woman until you have walked through her fires. Mm-hmm. That’s, and it’s [00:26:00] like, oh, it’s seriously you. We don’t know what people are experiencing.

Even, for example, I’ll take you to your playground. You’re in the playground, right? That’s the one I use

Alena: the most. Yeah. In the playground. Yeah. I use the, I have no idea what sort of day they’ve had.

Alicia: You don’t Like, you might be looking right over at some woman who. Immaculate. Yes. Yes. She, look, she’s got it all sorted.

Or for me, like for me, it’s like when I see, um, the moms and the ki the daughters that their hair’s braided. Right. And they’ve got the, they’ve got the ribbons. Yes. And I look upon that and I think it’s kind, it’s impressive.

Alena: How, how do you, how is this possible? I’m kind in awe of those people. I gotta say, I think it’s, I’m just, I just, to

Alicia: me that.

So beyond my capacities, right? Yeah. Where do you do that? How do you do that? Like, so you look at this woman and you think, wow, she’s just totally got her shit together. She’s been able to, you know, put a scarf on and put some jewelry on and like, she doesn’t have like cereal coming at her face and you know, all this stuff.

I know, but we don’t, you, [00:27:00] we have no idea. What is going on there and everyone has so much going on and none of us is immune because we’re here in Earth School where it’s full of it. Yes. Like it is. Just let you know those, your listeners will relate to this, where you just feel like you just. You’ve just got through a big wave, right?

Mm-hmm. Oh, something’s come. There’s a challenge. There’s this happened, kids, you, whatever. It’s like you threw it all and you think, oh my God. Whoa. Gosh. We just, oh my God. We’ve made it through that. And then like before you not, you’ve just put this moment where you feel this temporary piece. This temporary, yeah.

Settling, calmness. And then it’s like, whoa, here comes the next

Alena: one. I know. Yeah. Wompa, I know you don’t get many, many rests to, you don’t, but that’s

Alicia: much relief. Yeah. No, and so. We’re crazy to think that we will get that. That’s correct. That’s not part of what we signed up for here. This realm is dynamic.

This realm has duality. Yes. This realm, everyone is in it. We are [00:28:00] just like less and less and less and less and less. And within a day. Yes. Yes. So every time we search for that calmness, that peace, that sense of certainty outside of ourselves. Mm. We are creating an

Alena: impossible task for, it only lives within, in my experience.

Alicia: Correct. Correct. So that’s, that’s where the work is.

Alena: Percent. I’ve been really feeling that lately. I think it’s been an interesting time for that for a lot of people. Actually, I ran my first retreat with a beautiful collaborator on Sunday. Oh, beautiful. And I’d never done that before and it was so gorgeous.

And my gosh, every single person in the room just. So much out of it. Oh, had this just ream of messages following it saying, oh my gosh, I needed that so much. When can we do it again? Because it’s my

Alicia: favorite. Running retreats is the absolute best. It’s

Alena: beautiful. And like just having people doing the inner work.

Mm. So going within and doing what we’re talking about, looking within, but together.

Alicia: Yeah. Cause it’s so much healing because you sit in circle and a woman shares an experience and you’re like, [00:29:00] oh, oh my God, that’s me. That’s

Alena: gorgeous. And you can have compassion Yes. For yourself and them at the same time.

Yeah. It’s so brilliant, isn’t it? Oh,

Alicia: and when people are prepared to just. Talk their messy lives. Yeah. Uh, and just, you know, say, say it how it is. Yeah. And take the mask off.

Alena: Yeah. It was awesome. I loved it. And now I do need to ask you mm-hmm. You please tell me the washing line channel story.

Alicia: I will, I would love to.

So the little bit of a lead up was, I had made a big decision. It took me a long time to actually make this connection, but now I’ve made it. Uh, I had made a decision to start my own legal business back in 2012, and my husband and I didn’t have money to back us for that decision, and I just was like, okay, it’s time to start your own business.

So I kind of made the decision. Thinking, God, you know, you’re at the ledge and you’re just gonna step off and hope that you’re gonna get work and it’s gonna [00:30:00] be okay and you can still support. We had two kids at that time, uh, and just after I’d made that decision to resign, I went to a shaking meditation class.

I don’t know if you’ve ever done shaking meditation. Yes. So I went with one of my besties and we were dancing around and, and suddenly I had this experience where my body just took over and it just started moving by itself, but really systematically. It was like one hand would do one thing and then the other.

And I’m just watching going. Holy shit, what’s going on? And then I had like people coming out my shoulder like you know, pit. It was like these image, all this clearing, just like full on. And I came home that night and I was wiped out. I was like, oh my God. I don’t know what happened, but it was full on. And then over the coming weeks I was just having this weird stuff with my body starting to involuntarily move by itself.

And I was like, oh my, this is so weird. Am I being taken over? What is happening? And then it kind of culminated maybe a [00:31:00] couple of weeks later where I was just standing outside. We had a hills hoist in that house, um, washing Melbourne, you know, washing line. Probably my shoes were probably off, hanging out the washing, doing a mum job.

And then I had this thing where I just kind of got this overwhelming sense of calm, and then my voice started talking to me, but I was not, In charge of my voice and my voice starts saying to me, I am in like a masculine, like I am like this. I am. And I’m like, Holy shit. What’s going on like about 30 times trying to get through and finally comes through this voice.

I am Goa your father’s spirit guide here to remind you what you are here to do on earth. God, that’s so cool. I was like, oh my God. And he is talking about teaching energy and all this kind of hoo-ha. And. You’re an eternal being and [00:32:00] everyone’s eternal being and pure love and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I’m just like kind of standing there going, okay, so let’s just analyze this.

Two things are happening. One of two things. I have gone spontaneously bat shit crazy, or this is actually happening. And I knew it was the latter cuz I’ve got kind of no history of I’m very calm and cause

Alena: of how

Alicia: you felt. Right. And Cause I felt so calm. Yeah. And I felt the energy and because, I mean, I, I don’t, I’m not a drug taker.

I’m very conservative. Like I don’t have the history where this could be going crazy spontaneously. Yeah. So yeah, it was, it was real. And then over the coming weeks I had all these other. Energies come through and introduce themselves by name. Wow. Diff taking, talking differently, like Goa actually pulls my face back.

Wow. So it’s

Alena: like, it’s the team. [00:33:00] It’s a

Alicia: team and they all are very different. And they speak differently. They, yeah, they use my body differently. They use my voice differently. Some sing, which is very weird cuz I’m not a singer. Yeah. So there’s like this whole spirit team, which I believe everyone has Spirit team.

Yes, yes. Uh, but they just can talk. To me, using my voice. So for about six years, I told about six people. Yeah,

Alena: sure. I understand that.

Alicia: I was, was like, it didn’t really fit with my, uh, masks of like, you know, I’m a lawyer, like you lawyer together. And that’s what

Alena: struck me when you said intuitive channel, whatever it is that you say on your, and I was like, lawyer.

And that’s unusual. And also I’m curious, are you, are you able to sort of say, well, um, sorry, but the line’s busy. I’m, I’m doing something else. Right. Have you learned to do that? Uh

Alicia: oh, a hundred percent. So in fact, in fact, they do. They never come unless I call.

Alena: That’s really good. Yeah. That’s so cool.

Alicia: Yeah, [00:34:00] early on it was just, anytime they had me without kids around, it was like they were just flying in.

I was like, who is it now? And then it’s one of them, one day start, this is what really goes. I was still, the lawyer in me was still wanting the evidence. Like I went and got a video camera, Elena, and I was like, I’m videoing all these things coming through because like I want the evidence. Yeah. I’m either a really good actress with no acting skills or this is happening.

Right. Um, but one of the CLINs, there was a few things. One was like my chiropractor. Said to me, what’s going on? Like, I’m working on a different body. Oh, that’s fascinating. So that was interesting. That’s fascinating. Yeah. And the another thing was then my si, my voice changed. Like they played with my vocal chords.

I was sent to radio and I’m like, oh my God. Like I think I’m in tune. Wow. This is weird. So that was like a, another physiological. So there was two, and then the third clincher for me where I was like, okay, no more doubting Alicia. The real deal. Yeah. Was, um, one time this energy came through speaking a completely [00:35:00] different language.

Oh wow. That’s cool. And I was like, but it was also full on. Like I actually, it was very, it was a very full on energy. It almost pushed me back, like physically, like as the energy left my body. Yeah. I actually fell back, like almost into the wall. It was like, whoa. And I remember saying to my guides, I don’t know if I’m ready for this.

Yeah, like this is, it’s a lot. Yes. I’m this white woman speaking what sounds tribal asiany, I don’t know what it was. And then, and then this other guide comes through who’s called a Roomba, who does all these breath work through me. And he said to me that language is Minna hussan. And I was like, Okay. And that’s all.

That’s all he said. And I thought, Googles it. I did. I thought, I’m gonna Google it. I thought there’s not gonna be anything right, Elena? I will never forget when I typed those words in. I didn’t really quite know how to spell it, but yeah. [00:36:00] And came back to me. Mm-hmm. Minna Hussan is the ancient language of Mendo, which is right at the top of Swei, which is an island in, oh, Sy Indonesia, right?

Yeah. So Mendo is the top of Sil. My blood grandfather in this life is from Mano.

Alena: That’s crazy. So this is like a blood ancestor guide. That’s cool. I love that. So you definitely, definitely have a connection to the place. Yes. You understand Then like. Physically, spiritually, physiologically, you understand that we have connection to place.

Alicia: Yes. I’m starting to get that more and more. Mm. Around this kind of concept of all these, uh, and cause we’re wearing incarnating in a whole different range of Yes. Dimensions currently. Yes. We’re, we’re actually, we’re in a lot of places right now.

Alena: Yes. Uh, I’m so intrigued. I’ve been getting a lot [00:37:00] of, um, I don’t know, like little.

Shoves in the direction Yeah. Of embracing this side of things a lot more. I’ve always been pretty woow. I’ve always been pretty into like the new age staff in the eighties and I would, yeah. But I’ve had a, a bunch of experiences where I kind of have that. I think it must be somewhere in my multi-level existence.

Yes. There’s some sort of trauma around it because I Oh, there

Alicia: will be, because we’ve all been burnt and hung and

Alena: Yes. So I have this kind of really intense, not all of us, but I know it’s there. Yeah, I know what you mean. I, I know it’s there. Yeah. I fully embrace it in my life. Yeah. But speaking it publicly.

Yeah. Like even now, yeah. I feel slightly nervous because I get it coming out publicly as someone who has these kinds of beliefs. Mm-hmm. And also having an overt conscious connection. Like I know there’s a team. Yes, there is. I know there’s [00:38:00] a team. Yeah. I don’t, I don’t want to know their exact names. I don’t want to know exact connections.

Yeah. I just want them to be there. Yeah. And like, yeah, I know you are there. Thank you very much. You know? Yeah. But it’s like I’m starting to feel like I need to actually be a little bit more overt and conscious with it. It’s really interesting. Just last few years since my grandmother died, there’s been more, oh yes.

So I’ve always had a lot of help from other people. Mm-hmm. To, to contact, connect and Yes. Surprise, surprise, my. In inner circle of oldest friends are basically all spiritual healer, medium type people. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. And I’m, I’m always, I’ve always been a bit like, isn’t it such a coincidence that all the people around me do the same thing?

Mm-hmm. But I don’t.

Alicia: Mm-hmm. Maybe yet, because all of us, all of us are. Mediums course. All of us, of course, are channelers. I know not all mediums will say that necessarily, but whether you wanna use the word mediums, connectors, bridges, um, channelers, whatever it is. But we are all, we are all

Alena: spiritual [00:39:00] beings.

Yeah, of course we are. And there’s this amazing, it’s what I talked about today. We have ways that we can tap into Yeah. Collective wisdom to the energies that are around us. This is actually not Wu, it’s physics. It’s quantum physics.

Alicia: Correct. We’re only one actually, we. Not we at all. There’s no separation.

Right? On physics level, we are all one. A huge, big

Alena: way. That is the Yes. That is bizarre. To think that we are not right? Yes. So it’s just a really interesting thing. When I sort of go to that, then my science mind can quiet. Yeah. Then my logic mind that’s quite strong can go, oh, it’s okay. Yes, it’s okay.

We’re allowed to talk about it because it’s called quantum physics

Alicia: and it’s important. Yes, yes, yes. Cuz you can legitimize it and you’ve got a narrative around it. Still feels safe.

Alena: Yes. So it’s a very interesting, very, I’m just starting to go and this week, because I’ve been running meditation like, and I’ve started to run meditation.

I’m not trained as a meditation. Huh? As a guide. Yeah. Doesn’t matter. Right. And so now I’m like, do I need to [00:40:00] do a course? Like do I need to find. How to do this, but when I do it, people go, oh my God, that’s amazing. Can you do it some more? Perfect. That’s all you need to do. Maybe I don’t need No, you definitely don’t train it, you know?

No, because the voice, something about my voice people respond to. Yes. So it’s a very interesting, I’m getting guided. Through to this thing, you know? And I’m just on this like, okay, let’s see what, let’s see where it takes me. You know, love. It’s very love. Interesting, isn’t it? So I

Alicia: love that. And again, that’s our old world thinking.

Mm-hmm. Okay, well I’ve gotta do that then I need the, that’s be legitimate certification. Mm-hmm. I need the this, I need, that’s like. But you know what? You can just, it’s like in Goodwill Hunting, you know the movie Goodwill Hunting? And, and I remember he just says, well, you know how some people could just play the piano?

Well, I can just play. Yes. Like he can. And so for you, okay, there are, that’s right. There are people who could go and study meditation, whatever, whatever, for years and years and years, but. You can just play. Yeah. You don’t, you don’t need to. It’s so it’s all in you.

Alena: It’s all That’s right. It is. And, and we have within us [00:41:00] what we need.

I mean, just as you’ve discovered, you’ve got this incredible capacity to do what you do that’s just totally like magically given to you, you know, while you’re, I’ve signed up for

Alicia: it was the other thing that I, because I was like, you, what’s going on here? Yes. Why is this happening? And they’re like, yes.

You chose this? Yes. Uh, when you were 36,

Alena: you chose this. Oh, when you were 36.

Alicia: And also I didn’t realize the significance of the year 2012. Oh yeah. 2012 was a big year. I was gonna mention that when I

Alena: had no idea at the time in 2012. I was like, that’s interesting. Yeah. But I didn’t know, cuz

Alicia: I wasn’t really in the spiritual circles.

Right. So it was only later. Yes. The connection was made by other people, uh, for me. And I was like, oh, right. Okay.

Alena: Interesting. My daughter was born, um, in 2012. I was just about to say her birthday, and I like, I probably shouldn’t do that probably. Um, but yeah, it’s really, and it’s been [00:42:00] really interesting actually.

She carries a little bit of that with her. She has this special thing you. It’s really quite cool.

Alicia: These, this next generation of kids like this is exciting for me because they, what I’ve found and the ones that I’ve got, we’ve got four now. I dunno if you know that. That’s amazing. And yeah, they just, more and more, they’re just so sure of themselves and won’t play the game.

And authority. Yes. It’s like, no, like I’m, I’m equal to you. Like,

Alena: yeah. That’s so cool. Isn’t. Yeah, as an educator, I noticed that too, I think. I think just being an educator in general at the moment is really interesting for recognizing autonomy and just permission consent, like I was talking about with the training, you know?

Oh, yes, yes. Is that really big push towards, okay, well let’s overtly. Say, is that okay? Yes. You know, the other day I was like, oh, can I send this student to you? I said it to another educator and they [00:43:00] said, do they want to come to me? Oh. And I was like, I love that. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Would you like to go? Yes, yes.

They would. You know, like brilliant. That’s coming in through, you know, so many channels. That aspect of recognition of autonomy. Yeah. And recognition of our own sovereignty, our own authority. Yes. Rather than looking outside of us for it, it’s powerful time. Ah. So I think our work is definitely aligned. Oh yeah.


Alicia: big time. So, surprise, surprise. We found each

Alena: other. I know. And I’ve been, I’m so in love with this now, because you have a, a vehicle for finding your people with your group. Mm-hmm. I have a vehicle for finding my people with my community also. Yes. And with this podcast. Yes. And with, you know, the various ways that I build community.

And it’s just amazing to me the quality of the people coming through right now. Oh, oh my gosh. Like amazing. Like you like the collaborator. Sunday I did a retreat with a woman. Mm. That was the second time we’d ever met in [00:44:00] person. Oh, wow. We met on Instagram. We had

Alicia: one wish. My whole body gives shivers about that.

Yeah, because that’s that tri, like it’s that trust with you. You don’t meet people by accident like there is you.

Alena: Yes. Awesome. And it’s been really fun. Like we’ve had. So much fun. And there’s been like money and we’ve organized an event and you know, with someone we didn’t know. So it was a lot of trust.

Yeah, that’s very fun. But I’ll tell you what, it’s been such a beautiful process because we just like slipped in. She would say, okay, I’m gonna do this thing. And then she’d goes, sorry, I can’t do it. I’d go, no worries, I’ll do it. And then, you know, like, and we just had this beautiful synergy. And we were able to, you know, one of us would do more, then the other would do more, and then we just, and it, there was no kind of bean counting.

There was no kind of, there was a healthy level of accountability to each other, but not in a kind of over the top way. And then we did this event and it was like, This is amazing. I can’t believe we haven’t known each other for a thousand years. We probably have. Yes, you

Alicia: probably have. Exactly.

Alena: It’s just that sort of, and I think that’s just happening a little bit [00:45:00] more and more at the moment.

I just

Alicia: feel it. Oh, so much more. And I think for all of the good and bad of technology. Mm. Just this way that the internet can connect. I’ve just had so many amazing

Alena: connections where I said this on television last week, I was on sbs You Exactly. Yes. And I said exactly that. I said, because we were talking about sharing our kids photographs online.

Oh, okay. I was on a show called Insight and Oh wow. And they showed me as this kind of blogger, cause I’ve been a blogger for 13 years and they, they, they sort of, you know, made it look a bit like I’m just a shameless plugger of my family. I’m not really, but that was just a conversation starter. Oh, right.

Yes. And then they said, so do you think you have, you know, you said you wanted to connect with other women. That’s why you’ve shared your story online. Do you think you’ve achieved that? Mm. And I was like, absolutely. Absolutely. Like it is the best thing Yes. About the internet. Yes. To me is that we are able to connect together.

Ah. You know? Yes. Like,

Alicia: that’s, that’s it. Absolutely. Yeah. Because I, I wouldn’t have found, like, we wouldn’t have found each [00:46:00] other. No. But four. The internet probably most. Well, having said that, the universe laughed at me. Then they’re like, um, well actually, okay, you’re giving me internet. A lot of credit here.

They’re saying, but actually like we’ve, we’ve got our, it’s just a tool and they laugh and I’m just getting these message laughing at me. They’re like, you think that the internet is like high tech? Like you like the technology that we operate on and that we like what is like the internet? I. Like baby, baby Lance.

Alena: Oh, that’s brilliant. It’s kinda like Star Trek when you watch Star Trek and there’s all this fantastic, you know, the mushroom network and all this stuff. I’m like,

Alicia: oh, I love it. Oh, it’s so exciting because we can only see 1% of what’s happening. Mm-hmm. Like what we can feel sensy like. Can I tell? But yeah.

Alena: I actually had an experience when I was a teenager. I think I was probably about 13. Yeah. And I was walking home from dance class, something really basic and sudden. Um, I got a sense like it didn’t actually change visually mm-hmm. But my sense of the world [00:47:00] Yeah. Completely changed for about Yes. Probably two minutes.

Yes. And I was just walking down the road and suddenly everything went into like a ki it was a bit like Stranger things. Yep. I was just in a different sort of dimension where I could actually understand, just for a moment that matter. And. Yes, were separate in a way and they kind of interact. Mm, because we perceive them as interacting.

But actually there’s all these systems kind of working together. And I got this sense that matter wasn’t really matter and light wasn’t really light. Mm. And there was more to the picture than we actually see. It was an amazing moment. Look at that.

Alicia: See? That’s amazing. That’s cuz you just stepped out, like you got an opportunity of teenagers out of the veil.

Like the veil kind of, yeah. Where, I mean, where there’s just all these, everything’s here. Yes. It’s here. All these other everything. The dimensions. Yes. It’s not like things are. Uh, you know, we have this concept, well, there’s both separation. Yeah. There’s both that, there [00:48:00] are like things that Mm, but there’s also like everything’s, and so that’s why when we have these moments, these when we’re in the zone or we just, you know, time stops and all those things.

Yeah. The time things. Everyone, no matter your listener, no matter where you see yourself on that spiritual spectrum. Yes. Every, there’s not a human who hasn’t had an experience where, Thought someone was about to phone them and they do. They of stopped. Time has stopped. Or they think of a song. Yes. All right.

Or they’re thinking of a person that reminds, comes a song. Yeah. And it comes or they have like, Everyone has the, we all have the everyone, everyone had these energy alchemists walking around. These amazing, yeah. Incredible. Um, masterful spiritual beings. That energetic, we all do it naturally. Mm-hmm. We do.

We read the room. We don’t even know. We read people, we don’t even necessarily know consciously or other, you know, like you feel. Oh, this feels good with this person. Or actually it doesn’t. My energy’s saying no. [00:49:00] Right.

Alena: No. I actually did a whole presentation on this in our membership. I have a membership, yeah.

Called the Solman Academy, and I did a presentation on, I actually talked about it in terms of. Being clever with your energy as a mother. Mm-hmm. Because yeah, in martial arts we talk about energy, we talk about chi and key, and we learn to move it. Like that’s, yeah. And we learn to connect our bodies with it as well.

So we, we breathe in a certain way. We understand the engine room for that energy in the body, which is. Three fingers below the belly button. Mm-hmm. We, you know, we under, I’m gesturing for those on the podcast. I’m gesturing. Yeah. Yeah. And uh, it’s a really interesting thing when you start to actually think consciously about it.

And I know like Chinese medicine, Asian cultures kind of all over this and have been for like thousands of things. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah. We’re a bit in denial still in the west. Yeah. But now that we’re kind of having that real insight into Asian philosophies and, and ancient. Ideas around the interaction of energy and bodies and you know, with acupuncture, if you’ve ever [00:50:00] had acupuncture, feel this.

Yeah. You know, so there’s lots of ways that we interact with energy actually day to day and

Alicia: Oh, every day, every moment we are, we are energy and we’re, there’s plenty of change. Absolutely. And

Alena: there’s plenty of things. Acknowledge that, yes, yoga acknowledges that. Martial arts acknowledges that acupuncture, anything to do with traditional Chinese medicine acknowledges that, you know, any illness is a blockage of energy in the body.


Alicia: that’s what it is. And your listener can feel it right now. Just just rub your hands together. Yes, and just pull your hands apart and then. Bring them in. Bring ’em out. Yeah. It’s like magnets. There it is. That’s your And you can’t see it. Look at that. You can’t see, see it. Yeah, that’s right. Can feel it.

That is there baby. Like we have this energy, this life force. Yeah. Flooding for us. So when you talk about, um, what you do in martial arts Yes. Similar for what I teach around energy. Boosting charging, clearing, [00:51:00] cleaning. Mm-hmm. Like our en our energy management, I talk about it as our emissions. Yes. So what, what energy We’re emitting also out That’s nice world.

That’s through our thoughts, which create energy. And so the spiritual path is a, is such a discipline path because it’s around being very conscious that. Every thought I generate, every thought I create creates for me, uh, is a form, like a thought form.

Alena: Yeah. Self mastery. I mean, we’re sort of talking about a form of self mastery as well, like learning to use the tools we have, learning to use the, the car we’ve been given, the body we’ve been given.

Yes. The systems we’ve been given in a conscious, intentional way, you know? Yes, yes. And it’s pretty cool when, oh man, we can talk all day. So cool. It’s

Alicia: so cool. It’s so cool because. See things differently. Mm-hmm. And I joke, like I was saying in a circle the other day that, uh, around we’re talking about eating, right?

Mm-hmm. Um, and you know, the thought we create as we eat something mm-hmm. I believe is really [00:52:00] important for how we receive that food. Oh. Do

Alena: you know about Edgar Case? I’m

Alicia: reading his. There you go. Um, I’m literally reading his there book.

Alena: There you go. Right now.

Alicia: So he talks a lot about that. Does he? Well, I’m only, I’m

Alena: only at the start.

That’s big for him. So he, he talks about how you feel at the dinner table. Right. Completely determining what the food does in the body. So whether you receive the nutrients or not, whether you, whether it turns toxic. Yeah. Like if you, if you eat at a dinner table, that is tense. Yeah. Literally change. The nutritional value of the food.

Yes. And can make it the opposite of

Alicia: nutritional. Yes. Because we are energy alchemists. Mm. And so I was joking the other day cuz generally I eat pretty well. Yeah. But right. Sometimes like I’ll eat a bag of cheese twisties and this is how I eat, this is how I eat my cheese twisties. I’ll be like iron.

Vitamin C, vitamin

Alena: B. That’s a good idea. I might try it. I might. I eat my twisties. I just like get

Alicia: like a whole [00:53:00] bag of nutrients. Oh, fantastic. While I’m eating the twisties like plate, just like zep it before you eat it. Playful in this whole energetic thing. That’s brilliant. I

Alena: love it so much. Um, I’m conscious of time and that, you know.

Yes. As much as we’re really interesting, we might, we might pause our conversation Of course. And please let’s come back to it again another time, cuz I’d love to have you back. I almost say this to every guest I have Of course, because we have too much fun. Oh, I know. Every time. And so I would love you to please return.

Let me know when you’d like to already I’m inviting you openly. Oh,

Alicia: beautiful. Well, I think we, I think time just kind of did something for us because I looked at the time just then I was like, wow. Like it just.

Alena: Off we went. These conversations tend to do that, I find. Yes. So good. Somehow these podcasts come, especially with the energy people on my podcast, they’re much longer.

Those episodes there’s like, right, there’s some, I think the first one I did with a, a beautiful lady also in Melbourne actually. Yeah. Um. It was an hour and a half. Oh yeah. Shit. And then I was like, we probably better [00:54:00] go.

Alicia: Oh, you’re gonna turn into like one of those, um, podcasts where they go like four hour reasons.

Alena: Oh no. It’s like I could easily do that, darling, darling. I could easily. But thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us today.

Alicia: Such a pleasure. I was so excited to receive your message. I was like, I think I, I messaged yes. With like you did. Yes. Yes. It’s right. It’s a yes. It’s a yes from me. It was a definite Yeah, it’s a

Alena: definite yes.

Oh, thanks my love. And I’ll put all of the, uh, ways that people can find you. Ah, thank into the show notes onto the website. And if you have a question for us, and if you want to give us a topic for the next time we talk, leave a review and put your topic request in that review please.

Alicia: Very cool. Yeah.

Beautiful. I always love connecting and other people on the know the spiritual path or not.

Alena: Absolutely darling. Absolutely. Have a beautiful day.

Alicia: Oh, you too. You too sweetheart. Thank you so much for having me on. See


Alena: And I see you all again soon


Alena Turley is an Australian mentor for mothers. Founder of the pioneering blog, the Soul Mama Hub, her wellbeing membership offers a powerful pathway for mothers ready to go from over-extended, stuck in the daily grind, to empowered, inspired and energised so they can become the CHANGEMAKERS they dream of being.

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