I’m Alena, an award-winning Australian educator, mentor, and presenter.

My membership re-empowers mothers feeling burnt-out as they emerge through motherhood by providing access to holistic and energising practices and, most importantly, with each other.

I’m on a mission to bring women together to co-create a lighter, happier and kinder way of life so that mothers don’t have to raise the next generation of humans in a haze of rushing, unrealistic ideals of perfection with a sprinkling of shame for falling short of those ideals.

In support of this mission, I appear as an advocate for the care of mothers in the media including SBS Television, The Natural Parent Magazine, Kidspot and as an Expert Panelist for the Australian Clean+Conscious Awards.

You can see a full list of qualifications and achievements here.

I live near Freshwater Beach, in Sydney, though if you’ve been around a while you’ll know that my husband, our three kids, and I spent a couple of years living in Bath, England.

This pioneering site was founded in 2009 and arose from a calling to support mums and families to feel connected, make conscious choices, and parent soulfully. This is a place for learning how to help the planet and nurture our kids into resilient and healthy future changers.


In the early days, there weren’t many people writing about ‘sustainable’ living or soulful parenting. Back then I was working, studying, lone-parenting and just beginning to understand how to create a more meaningful life for myself and my young son.

He had been born with low birth-weight as a result of high stress-levels during pregnancy.

With this gorgeous little boy in my arms, sitting in newborn intensive care, I was determined to breastfeed and raise him in the best way possible despite feeling deeply alone and woefully unprepared. It was a steep learning curve.

When he was just three months old I ended a difficult relationship and, although heartbroken, began to face up to the wreckage that 12 years of addiction had made of my life.

In neonatal intensive care with my first born.


Between recovery and my history of unhealthy, at times abusive relationships, I began putting myself back together piece by piece. It was a time of hope and deep gratitude for having survived trauma and adversity and come out of it relatively healthy and still capable of parenting my son.

At that time, I was yearning deeply for true connection within myself, with my son, and with family and friends, as I experienced matrescence (the developmental process of becoming a mother) but instead, I felt dangerously isolated. In the years that have passed since then, we have come a long way as a society in knowing how to support each other in our most vulnerable moments, but still, I believe we can always improve.

Not least of all, we can start with being kinder to ourselves, more positive in our narrative on the future, eating well, building healthier mindsets and becoming better custodians of our planet.

Now, let’s lift the veil and see some cool things that have been happening in real life…

There is plenty to explore. Find articles on how to live a more conscious living, food, parenting, and family travel

It’s an honour and a privilege to serve humanity in this way, and I am genuinely thrilled to have you here with me. I hope you enjoy the words, the pictures, the links, and most of all getting clear on what you love in your own family, and your own life and begin to embody your heartiest intentions.

I would absolutely love to hear from you so please do find me on Instagram, or join our free community so we can connect.

With love always,

~ Alena


Alena Turley is a passionate advocate for holistic living and the founder of Soul Mama Hub, a transformative platform dedicated to supporting mothers on their journey to self-discovery and wellness. With her warm and nurturing approach, Alena empowers women to embrace their authentic selves, prioritise self-care, and cultivate mindful practices that nourish the mind, body, and soul. Drawing from her own experiences as a mother and qualifications across several industries (BA Hist @USyd, Black Belt @Hapkido, Permaculture Design @Milkwood Grad Dip Education @UNSW), Alena offers a wealth of wisdom and practical tools to help mothers find balance, joy, and purpose in their everyday lives. Through her blog, workshops, and online community, Alena has become a trusted source of inspiration for tens of thousands of mothers seeking to create a life infused with love, intention, and holistic principles.

Born and raised on the beautiful beaches of Sydney, Alena brings a unique Australian perspective to her work, emphasizing the importance of connecting with nature and embracing a relaxed, down-to-earth approach to motherhood. With a background in self-development, holistic health, and education, Alena combines her expertise in nutrition, mindfulness, and natural parenting to guide mothers toward optimal well-being. Her refreshing and accessible style has garnered a loyal following, as she weaves together practical advice, heartfelt stories, and soulful reflections to create a supportive space where mothers can thrive. 

Whether it’s navigating the challenges of parenting, finding time for self-care, or cultivating a more conscious lifestyle, Alena’s compassionate guidance and unwavering belief in the importance of empowered mothers inspire countless women to create a life that aligns with their values and honours their unique journey.

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