A Soulful Parent’s Guide to Encouraging Body Positivity for Girls (includes playlist)

A Soulful Parent’s Guide to Encouraging Body Positivity for Girls (includes playlist)

With so much of popular culture telling girls to be certain ways – physically, emotionally and in their behaviour – it is more important than ever to educate our girls about the value of their own uniqueness and support them to become confident in their own skin. I’m not going to list all the scary stats but we do know that girls’ self-esteem tends to plummet as they approach puberty. That in itself is a compelling reason to consider all the ways we might support a different trajectory for our young women of tomorrow.

model self-acceptance

One thing we can do is model self-acceptance by vocally and determinedly accepting our own bodies and our own unique qualities. We can do this, for example, by saying out loud that we love our bodies just as they are (as Kate Winslet started doing with her daughter when she realised she had never heard it when she was growing up). There is also a wealth of resources available to us, some of which I will list here in this post.

change the narrative

We can also be more mindful of the kinds of things we expose our daughters to by deliberately curating music, TV and film towards more body positive themes. To that end I have a created a Spotify playlist of body positive songs for girls – click here to go to it.


Arrive & Thrive in Wellbeing arms teenage girls with a powerful truth: that they have what it takes to confidently face and beat any challenge. It positions them to flourish despite concerning trends of increased teenage angst, self harm and youth suicide.

Beautiful Minds provides self-esteem and confidence education for preteen and teen boys and girls.

Littlesons supports children by offering learning to parents, educators and health professionals.

98 Days is a calendar designed to bring awareness to what we are grateful for and intentionally place your focus on the “good things in life”. This is done with the goal of changing perspective.

Shine From Within specialises in supporting teens and tweens ready to shine from within and realise their true potential.

Core Confidence inspires girls and young women to be empowered, confident and completely in love with who they are today.

Inspired Girls Leadership program promotes girls empowerment through mindfulness tools and evidenced based information surrounding leadership. Our mission is to educate young girls and provide tools to help them navigate the big, busy and at times  overwhelming world around them. Through our programs, young girls can learn to cultivate self-awareness, resilience, empathy, and self love, honour their own uniqueness, explore their passions, play, connect with like minded girls and build life long friendships. Empowered Girls Develop Leadership Qualities!

The Butterfly Foundation offers support in relation to eating disorders and body image issues

Journals to Teach Growth Mindset and Confidence can helpp your tween or teen develop the mindset of growth, resilience, gratitude, and positivity. Help them find their own voice in a world that is constantly coming at them with what to do, be, and think.

Big Life Journal – Teen Edition helps tweens and teens develop confidence…the deep down, know-who-you-are confidence!

Teen Breathe Magazine

Following in the footsteps of our older sibling, Breathe Magazine, they believe mindfulness forms the basis of a happier, healthier, more authentic life.

This magazine provides tips, fun activities and inspiring ideas to explore how paying attention, being curious, kind, and staying positive can bring out our very best. You: a unique individual who’s comfortable and proud in their own skin, is open to ideas and follows their dreams.

World Vision’s Article on Seven Ways to Empower Women and Girls.

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https://www.facebook.com/goddesseducucation/ – Rite of passage retreats for mothers and daughters










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alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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