A Simple Pathway to a Low Tox Life

green leaves

green leaves

As an ethical blogger, there are very few educational digital products I endorse but this one is an exception.

So if you want to reduce your impact & lower the toxic load on your family? Do this.

Go Low Tox is the course you do to dramatically lower your toxic load and footprint. You learn from scratch if you’re a newbie or you refine your knowledge and get clearer on things if you’ve been at it a while making changes.

The course is only run LIVE twice per year and is coached personally by founder: author and educator Alexx Stuart. So far 3000 students plus (and counting) have participated with over 90% of alumni saying the course was life-changing.

Go Low Tox - Lifer


With Lifetime Access you can chill so you don’t have to rush. You’ll also get bonus topics so it’s really a no brainer investment.

The course has:

  • 20 topics over 5 weeks.
  • New topics rolled out Monday – Thursday (which are sent to you via email each new day of each new topic).
  • Fri/Sat no new materials are rolled out so that you can catch up and/or take a break.
  • Sundays are a mini-meditation + mind topic.

They have giveaways and special offers to make going low tox not too hard on the wallet as you switch and ditch. Here’s a testimonial.

Go Low Tox testimonials from Alexx Stuart on Vimeo.

Your investment is $99/$149/$199 depending on how you want to participate.

I’d love to hear how you go (whether or not you sign up for the course) in the comments below.

alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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This is not a sponsored post but I will earn a commission if you go ahead with the course. By using the link on this page to sign up you are helping me keep Soul Mamma Blog free. Thank you for your support :)

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